How much does it cost?

$175 (M-F appintments) and $225 (Weekend appointments). Includes painting, photography and all photos. You do not need to hire an additionalphotographer. Includes initial phone consult, design work, my practice time, paintingthe belly art, photo shoot afterwards, photo editing/cropping/enhancing of your favorite photos of the day (typically sent via email or photo sharing sightlike Shutterfly).  You have to pay for your own prints.  A non-refundable $75 deposit is due before I can start your design and to hold your appointment.  You can make deposit via Pay-pal using my  Final payment of $100 is due on day of painting.  Cost may exceed $175/$225 if design requires additional products/paints.

Do you take last minute appointments?

I typically require at least 2 weeks notice to prepare. The longer I have to design, prep and practice the better your art and photos will be. If you are newly pregnant and know you want to get painted at the end of your pregnancy don't wait to call. We can start collaborating/planning now so when painting time comes we are all settled on what we will be creating together. This is so helpful for me and less stressful. I'm not a 'wing it' type of artist.

How long does belly painting take?

Most belly paintings complete with photos are done in approximately 2-3 hours. After I am done painting, we take photos. I take the photos afterwards using my cell phone. I can do light editing, shading, enhancing and cropping.

In what month of my pregnancy do I get painted?

You can get painted anytime during your pregnancy. For “gender reveal” belly art you may not have a bump at all (see “think pink” belly in gallery). You can get painted to mark a special week during your pregnancy, or to celebrate a holiday that falls throughout your pregnancy (see “thankful” belly in gallery). If you want to get painted at the end of your pregnancy, I recommend between 7-8 months. We want your belly to be at its fullest and “popped” but not to close to the end where you are uncomfortable to sit down for the painting session.

Is it safe?

I only use non-toxic, water- based, FDA approved, professional body paints that are made to be used on skin.

Where do I get my bellypainted--do you have a studio?

I paint in my home which is in North West Charlotte or I can come to you (travel fee will be added to pricing depending on where you live).

What should I have painted on me?

I can create your belly art to reflect your individual style, match your nursery, ora theme that is special to you and your partner. Also, I have a Pinterest board called “pregnant belly paintinginspiration” where I have pinned several images that I think would make great belly art.

Can you paint women of color?

Absolutely! See “You Are My Sunshine” belly in gallery.

How do I get the paint off of me when we are done?

Paints can be wiped off with light soap and water and/or baby wipe. Darker colors may leave a light stain for 1-2days.

How long can I keep the artwork on my belly?

It will stay on for several hours. Some Moms wipe it off right after photos are taken and others keep it on to showfamily/friends later that day. It will not stay fresh and glitter/paint may rub off on your clothes if you leave it on. Do not leave on overnight. Darker colors may stain your skin for 2-3 days after.

What if I get paint on my clothes?

I only use water based paints. If you get paint on your clothes, soak items in cold water before washing.

What do I wear?

You can wear almost anything that we can tuck and keep away from your belly. T-shirts are tucked under bra line. Tube tops can also be worn. If you are being painted in my home, you may change here. Some Moms bring several tops to try on before the painting begins and we discuss what would look best together. You can bring jewelry and accessories too. You may want to think about what rings and bracelets to wear because you may want to hold your belly in the photos. Bright colors photograph best.

Do I wear make up and do my hair?

Some Moms do and some don’t. If you want your face in the photos, style your hair and make up just as you would if you wanted to look nice or dressed up. Some Moms know they do not want their face in the photos (not feeling pretty or face is bloated). If you are not interested in your head being in the photos, don’t worry about your hair and make up. You may

opt for no face but want your hair hanging down around your shoulders. I recommend touring the gallery on my website and seeing which photos connect with you.

My hands are swollen and look fat, what do I do?

I have gotten really good at blurring the edges of photos to disguise “sausage fingers”. We can also leave them out of the photos completely. You can also pose with your hands behind your back.

What do I do while you are painting?

Most Moms watch TV or play on their phones. You can listen to music too. You can take a call if your phone rings but I cannot paint while you talk on the phone.

Can I bring my family to watch you paint?

I can paint best when it is you and me, but understand you may want to bring a friend/partner. Adult guests (1-2) are welcome. No children are allowed at the painting session. You can not hold conversations with your guests while I am painting.

Am I sitting up or lying downwhile you paint?

You are sitting down on a chair, slightly leaning back. I will sit in front of you with my paints and supplies next to me on a table.

I have stretch marks, weird bellybutton, or/am plus sized. Is this ok?

Belly painting is for all shapes and sizes. There is no right or wrong shaped Mom or belly. I can paint over stretch marks (or photoshop them out) and all belly buttons are welcome too! I have been pregnant also, and understand there may be parts and pieces of your body you may be hesitant to share. I will respect your modesty level.

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